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New Mobile Order Pick Up Solution Powered by Improved Stopped Vehicle Analytic on the ME6 Series

We are pleased to announce that an improved version of our Stopped Vehicle analytic is now available in both our ME6 IR DuraBullet and ME6 IR Dome cameras, powering a mobile order pick up solution for retailers and quick service restaurants (QSRs).

The Stopped Vehicle analytic has been updated to be even more accurate in vehicle detection than the previous version. Powered by AI, this analytic works with March Networks Command to alert operators in real-time about customers arriving for curbside pick-up. The analytic can also be used by businesses or municipal governments to assist with parking laws and enforcement.

Customers using March Networks Searchlight can keep a record of all Stopped Vehicle alerts for future review. For added convenience, alarms can be configured to send emails or text message alerts directly to a mobile phone when customers are using the March Networks Alert Communication Tool (ACT).

Click here to watch our product demo video to see how it works.

The Stopped Vehicle analytic works alongside the existing pre-loaded analytics already included in the ME6 Series IP Cameras, such as notifications on perimeter and zone breaches, loitering, object abandonment or removal, and more.

What Customers Need to Implement Curbside Pick Up

This updated analytic is available at no additional cost on all our ME6 IP Series Cameras.  No new part numbers are needed.

Please ensure users upgrade their camera firmware to version 1.1.4 to have access to this updated video analytic.

At minimum, either a ME6 IR DuraBullet or ME6 IR Dome camera paired with a March Networks recorded is needed to access this built-in video analytic. The addition of Searchlight for Retail and/or March Networks ACT allows for a greater variety of viewing options for the alerts as well as real-time alerts to your phone (with ACT).

For more information, visit our website, or download the camera datasheets.
ME6 IR DuraBullet
ME6 IR Dome

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