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Updates to the System Design Tool Now Available

We are pleased to announce improvements to the System Design Tool.

As a reminder, the System Design Tool estimates a customer’s recording storage and bandwidth requirements based on their camera settings, such as their frame rate, days of recording required, scene complexity, audio, etc.

Among the additions to the tool are:

  • Inclusion of our VA2 and VA4 Series IP Cameras
  • Addition of the 4, 8, and 12-channel models of the X-Series Hybrid Recorders
  • Ability to create a copy of a camera group
  • Ability to export a location as a CSV file, directly from the print screen
  • New filters on the Recorder Selector page

Additional improvements to the tool include:

  • The ability to print more than 10 locations
  • Group Settings now show separate bandwidth requirements for primary and alternate streams
  • Users can print directly from a Location rather than having to return to the Locations Menu
  • Users can set a camera framerate to 30FPS
  • Camera fields are now populated with the default settings for each camera line
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