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Updated Firmware for Oncam C-Series Cameras

Firmware version 2.0.6 is now available for the Oncam C-Series cameras. This update is available to download on the Oncam website.

What’s new?

  • Multi-Mode allows users to stream 4 different views simultaneously from a single camera, choosing from fisheye (standard 360-degree); Panoramic+ (a 5:2 pre-de-warped panoramic view); Corridor+ (a split 2-way corridor view from a ceiling mounted camera); T Corridor+ ( a 3-way junction view from a ceiling mounted camera); or VCam (a user defined de-warped view of a specific chosen area of the fisheye image)
  • Onboard camera de-warping supports fisheye, Panoramic+. Corridor+, T Corridor+ and VCam views
  • Control which types of stream the camera can produce simultaneously by selecting the Performance and Image Output Mode for the camera
  • Rebooting is no longer required when changes are made to Rotate and Color Space Mode
  • Interface improvement to the Camera Webpage
  • And more!

Download Now

Click here to learn more about Oncam Multi-Mode.

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