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Tech Note for Command Client 2.10 and Command Enterprise 2.9 Users

A new version of Command Client is available to fix a recently discovered issue that prevents users from accessing Searchlight and Transportation applications.

The issue was reported following the release of MN.2020.1.0. It occurs when customers using Command Enterprise Software (CES) 2.9 and earlier upgrade to Command Client version 2.10.

As most end-users upgrade Command Client and CES together, the issue is more prevalent for those of you who upgraded to Command Client 2.10 while servicing both customers using CES 2.10 and customers using CES 2.9 or earlier.

To resolve the situation, March Networks is releasing a new Command Client (2.9.3) which can be installed simultaneously with Command Client 2.10 on the same computer system. Once installed, you can use Command Client 2.9.3 to service any CES 2.9 or previous installations, or use Command Client 2.10 to service any CES 2.10 installations.

Download Command Client 2.9.3

For more information, please contact your March Networks Sales Representative.

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