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New Software Maintenance Release Now Available:

Maintenance release MN.2021.3.1 is now available for download from our Partner Portal.

MN.2021.3.1 is a subsequent maintenance release that contains fixes plus some new functionality for the MN.2021.3.0 release. This release includes important updates to our software. Please advise any customers that have updated their software based on the past release to upgrade to this latest version to ensure optimal performance.

What’s New in MN.2021.3.1?

Command Enterprise Software, Command Client, Command Config

Command Enterprise version 2.14.1
Additional drop down lists in Command Config
Support for six–digit camera IDs in Command Client
Log4j replaced by Reload4j


(Please note that there is no impact to Command Enterprise Software (CES) from the Log4Shell (CVE–2021–44228 and CVE–2021–45105) or Spring4Shell (CVE–2022–22965) vulnerabilities.

March Networks CES is not affected by the Log4Shell vulnerabilities discovered in the Log4j2 2.x component, since we use a Log4j 1.x configured to completely avoid security issues. To avoid any confusion around these vulnerabilities, and for better maintenance going forward, the Log4j component in CES has been replaced with Reload4j in MN.2021.3.1. Reload4j is a direct replacement for Log4j, it is fully supported by the open source community, and provides a modern alternative to Log4j.)

Please refer to our Security Updates and Advisories page for more detailed information.


Command Recording Software

CRS version 6.3.1
An alarm panel feature is now available on both Windows and Linux CRS

8000, 9000, RideSafe Series Recorders

R5 version 5.22.0 SP1
A new 8708P all–IP recorder supporting 8 ports of PoE with an aggregate bandwidth of 80Mbps across all 8 cameras. The 8708P supports up to two 3.5 inch hard drives with capacity from 2TB to 36TB
A new camera profile is available: “VA2/VA4 Series Lite,” which can ensure optimum camera performance when using our VA Series IP Cameras with our 8532 and 8732 Hybrid Recorders

X-Series Recorders

X1264 Series recorders are supported in this R6 version 6.3.1 software load
A new physical hard drive management page in Command Config to visualize hard drive details and perform administrative tasks

Discovery Browser

New choices available for default web browser

Download the software

Command Enterprise Suite 2.14.1
Visual Intelligence Suite Update
SP1X-Series R6 Suite Update 6.3.1


For more details, please refer to the Release Notes.

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