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New Security and Data Protection Overview Document

March Networks has released a Security and Data Protection Overview that outlines the strategic and proactive approach we are taking to managing cyber risks. This document summarizes the practices we follow to address evolving threats. It covers physical and network security, data protection and privacy, incident response, disaster recovery and more. It also outlines how we handle product security including the security approach we follow with our hosted services.

Our approach to security involves a 360° view of all aspects of our business, encompassing our products, the people who build them, and the processes that guide us. Designing inherently secure, data-protected solutions is part of March Networks’ DNA, tracing back to our deep roots in information technology and networking. We’re committed to helping our customers understand and address cybersecurity and data protection as it relates to video surveillance and video-based business intelligence solutions.

Download the Security and Data Protection Overview

Please contact your March Networks sales representative for more information.

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