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New MN.2019.1.0 Software Release

We are pleased to announce a new software release, MN.2019.1.0, which includes improved NAT Traversal for ease of use, enhanced cybersecurity and privacy protection, and mass management of Axis camera firmware upgrades.

Key features provided in this major software release are outlined below, and are included in our March Networks Software Release document. To review the complete feature list, please refer to the Product Release Notes.

Download the MN.2019.1.0 Product Release Notes
Download the MN.2019.1.0 Software Release from the Partner Portal
Download the MN.2019.1.0 Software Release overview document

March Networks Searchlight 4.8

  • The ability to define more flexible Business Rules and uncover suspicious transaction patterns
  • Compare critical data across all locations and all employees
  • Customize the zone names in the Business Analytics dashboards

March Networks Command Client

  • Apply a disclaimer to a snapshot image prior to exporting
  • De-warp images from Immervision lenses

March Networks Command Enterprise

  • Enhanced password management
  • New cybersecurity alerts
  • IEEE 802.1x authentication
  • Improved NAT Traversal
  • Mass Firmware Management for Axis cameras

March Networks 9000 Series IP Recorders

  • New RAID models, with storage exceeding 80 TB

For more information, please contact your March Networks Sales Representative.

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