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New Command Recording Software (CRS) Now Available

Command Recording Software (CRS) 6.1, the next major release for our VMS offering, is now available. This release comes with new features and functionality, including the ability to install the software in a Linux OS environment supporting up to 3,000 cameras. CRS for Windows remains available, supporting up to 500 cameras.

Some of the key highlights include:

  • Linux OS – As mentioned, CRS can now be installed in a Linux OS environment (as well as Windows). The software is also available on our X-Series Hybrid Recorders, creating a unified recording platform for March Networks with flexible deployment options.
  • 3000 Channel Support When running in a Linux environment, CRS can support up to 3000 cameras per server.
  • March Networks Searchlight integration Brickstream text channels can be sent to Command Enterprise Software through CRS and Searchlight ATM/POS transaction data is also available.
    • Encryption in transit Get encryption in transit from cameras to recorders (for cameras that support HTTPS encryption).
    • Mark for replacement Seamlessly replace an old device with a new device and import the existing configuration.

Pricing and part numbers
CRS pricing remains unchanged.  Camera channel licenses are purchased using the same part numbers, whether for a Windows OS or Linux OS installation. There are no new license part numbers needed for the CRS Linux version.

Software downloads
The new CRS Windows version is available for download on the Partner Portal. Please speak to your March Networks representative about accessing and installing the CRS Linux software.

A free, entry-level version of CRS is also available for users with Windows OS. Command Recording Software Lite supports up to six cameras and one week of recording, making it ideal for anyone wishing to trial our VMS system. CRS Lite can be easily upgraded to CRS or Command Enterprise at any time, with all previously recorded video maintained.

For more information, visit our website or download these resources from the Partner Portal:
Datasheet for CRS Windows
Datasheet for CRS Linux
Command Overview Brochure
Release Notes for Windows OS
Release Notes for Linux OS
Recommended System Requirements

For more information, contact your March Networks representative.

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