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New 9000 Series IP Recorder Minimum Shipment Level Changes

March Networks is updating the version of Visual Intelligence software shipped on our 9000 Series IP Recorders.

Currently, the 9000 Series IP Recorders ship with Visual Intelligence Release 5.9.0, while the 9000 Series RAID5 models ship with release 5.14.0. Effective March 1, 2020, all new 9000 Series IP Recorders, including the RAID5 models as well as recorders shipped following repairs, will be delivered with Visual Intelligence Release 5.15.0.

To prepare for this change, please work with your customers to upgrade their environments to meet the minimum software versions.

Software Versions Compatible with 5.15.0 Version Changed
Command Enterprise Software (includes Command Client) 2.8.0 Yes
Command Client 2.8.0 Yes
Searchlight 4.8.0 Yes


March Networks can assist you in moving customers to Visual Intelligence Release 5.15.0 with an upgrade strategy, if required.

For more information, please contact your March Networks representative.

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