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MN.2023.2.1 Software and Firmware Release

We are pleased to announce the general availability of the major software release MN.2023.2.1, which includes both software and firmware updates with key new features listed below. For further information, please refer to the Release Notes.

New EL-Series All IP Recorders

The EL-Series is designed for multi-site businesses seeking a full-featured video system at an attractive price point. This system delivers the essential needs for most video users (up to 16 cameras per NVR), and is also full-featured, powered by the industry-leading March Networks Video Management System (VMS), and integrated with the Searchlight data analytics platform. It is optimized to be part of the complete March Networks Cloud Suite for customers looking for Cloud-managed video surveillance, but also runs as a traditional premise-based video system for customers looking to keep their video in-house.

New in Web Client

Case Management

Web Client now supports case management functionality. Users can create, view, edit, share, and export case files in the Web Client interface. Case files can include multiple video files, snapshots, and notes, allowing users to organize their video evidence and easily share it with other investigators and law enforcement.

New in Command Recording Server and R6 Embedded Recorders

R6 embedded recorders are based on Command Recording Server, and include the X-Series, the RideSafe XT Series, and the EL-Series.

Sleep mode enhancements on RideSafe XT

Various enhancements to the RideSafe XT Sleep Mode functionality.

CAN bus interface support for receiving events on RideSafe XT

A CAN bus interface has been integrated, which enables events on buses for doors opening, lights flashing, brake / acceleration pedal pressing, and gear insertion. These events are sent using the CAN bus interface, and do not require dedicated wiring.



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