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MN.2022.2.0 Software and Firmware Release

MN.2022.2.0 Software and Firmware Release

We are pleased to announce the general availability of major software release MN.2022.2.0, which includes both software and firmware updates with key new features listed below. For further information, please refer to the Release Notes.

New in Command Client, Command Player, Command Mobile Plus and Command Web Client

H.265 – This video compression standard has been implemented and works with all first- and third-party H.265 edge devices already compatible with Command. For live and playback recording, X-Series Hybrid Recorders or Command Recording Software are required with H.265 capable IP cameras or encoders.

New in Command Client

New Grids – Additional grid selections for video monitoring in Command Client have been added including: 5 rows x 5 columns, 5 rows x 6 columns and 4 rows x 6 columns

New in Searchlight and Command Mobile Plus

Business Rules Alerts – These alerts are now available in the Command Mobile Plus app for customers using March Networks Searchlight. Business Rules alerts let you detect possible fraud faster by listing transactions that are important to you. For example, no sales, safe drops, transactions that exceed a certain amount, and employees conducting transactions when no customer is present.

New in Evidence Vault

Folder management – Users are now able to create, delete and share folders for better file management and organization.

New in the X-Series Hybrid Recorders

H.265 – Now supported on the X-Series Recorders; analog encoding is still H.264. H.265 is not supported with Public View Monitors (PVM). You can enable H.264 on the secondary stream for PVM support.
Proxy access to third-party devices – This enhancement allows a recorder’s admin to create a whitelist of approved third-party devices that can be logged into via the logged-in recorder. The recorder can now act as a proxy to allow connections to third-party devices’ webpages when connected to a recorder’s camera network ports.
Field-of-View (FOV) – An option to configure a recorder’s FOV as an alarm or alert is now available. As an alert, it can be configured to email when triggered. These automatic alerts are now available in Command Mobile Plus.

New in the 8000 Series Hybrid NVRs and the 9000 Series IP Recorders

Proxy access to third-party devices – A recorder’s admin can now enter activate a proxy connection to a third-party device’s webpage when connected to a recorder’s camera network port.
Audio playout based on event – 8000 Series Hybrid NVRs can now play an audio file via the recorder’s audio output when triggered by a physical or virtual alarm. The system supports up to five audio files in .mp3 format with a maximum audio length of 15 seconds.

New in the ME6 and ME8 Series IP Cameras

License Plate Recognition (LPR) – Capture clear images of license plates, search and sort through license plate detections and match plates with video snapshots for fast and easy investigations. Customers must be using Searchlight and the X-Series Hybrid Recorders or the 8000 Series Hybrid Recorders to take advantage of LPR. No additional licenses are required.


Download MN.2022.2.0 from the Partner Portal

Command Enterprise Suite 2.16.0
Visual Intelligence Suite Update
X-Series R6 Suite Update 6.5.0
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