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MN.2022.1.0 Software and Firmware Release

We are pleased to announce the general availability of major software release MN.2022.1.0, which includes both software and firmware updates with key new features listed below. For further information on this release, please refer to the Product Release Notes.

New in Command Enterprise Software (CES) and Command Client

Disaster recovery/resiliency – One backup CES server can now be added to the CES Console so that if the primary CES server becomes unavailable, the backup CES server will take over and prevent any service disruption to the user. Please note that this requires an external SQL database cluster.
Health alert filtering – Users can now configure thresholds for health alerts to customize when an alert is actually triggered. Additionally, new alerts for critical hardware and camera errors, as well as alerts for missing analytic licenses, have been added. Finally, camera field of view (FOV) notifications on the 8000 and 9000 Series Recorders can now be configured as either a health alert or as an alarm. As a health alert, the FOV notification can be configured as a real-time notification sent as an email.

New in Command Client

Auto-logout or auto-lock – Administrators can automatically logout or lock a user’s Client session after a specified amount of time.
Export improvements – Users can automatically recall the last used export path when exporting video evidence, snapshots and cases. Furthermore, error messages received while exporting media have been improved to give the user a better understanding of the problem that caused the export to fail.
March Networks Keyboard updates – A number of improvements have been implemented for the March Networks Keyboard. Resource ID numbers have increased from 3 to 6 digits. A set of March Networks keyboard-related IDs can be exported by one user and imported by another user who wants to use the same settings. It is now possible to display the ID associated with a resource (cameras, alarms, switches, views, maps and sequences) in the device topology for quick call-up.
The following new languages are now supported: Swedish and Polish.
Support for Windows 11 has been provided.

New in Web Client for CES

Significant video streaming improvements have been made.
UI updates and enhancements including the addition of a timeline selector and thumbnail view in the video stream.

New in Command Mobile Plus

User experience improvements – Full screen mode with toolbars that automatically disappear after a few seconds is now available. Additionally, significant stability improvements have been made to the Android version.

New in Evidence Vault

MP4 playback – Users can preview any snapshot and MP4 video file, and also view and playback MP4 videos, in Evidence Vault using Web Client.

New in Searchlight

Workflow status – Business Rule events now have a user modifiable workflow status attribute, allowing the user to track the status of the investigation (To Review, To Inspect, Inspected, Closed). As a result, it is possible to instantly notify other users about the status of an investigation.
Customized notes – It is now possible to add customized notes to a Business Rule entry about the result of an investigation into the event.
Report sequences – For more precise results, Business Rules based on a report sequence are now triggered only for transactions processed on the same site or by the same terminal.
The following new languages are now supported: Swedish and Polish.

Discovery Browser Updates

When sending upgrade files to devices, the progress status (%) can now be viewed.
A new browser preference setting allows users to set the browser that will be used to open the camera set-up page.

New on the X-Series Hybrid Recorders

Public View Monitor (PVM) – PVM now supports a single view with a 4×4 grid of cameras. Each view can be added to a sequence with a 30-second default display time and a minimum 5-second display time between each view.


For the full list of new features and improvements, or for additional details on the above, please refer to the Release Notes.

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