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MN.2021.3.0 Software and Firmware Release

We are pleased to announce the general availability of major software release MN.2021.3.0, which includes both software and firmware updates with key new features listed below. For further information on this release, please refer to the Product Release Notes.

New in Command Enterprise Software (CES) and Command Client

  • The ability to display recorder names with camera names – Command Client video cells now show a second line of text with the recorder name (in addition to the camera name) to help a user understand which recorder/site they are viewing
  • Custom maps for GPS tracking – For applications where GPS data is integrated with video, it is possible to enable and use a custom map server that can be deployed inside the user’s network, eliminating the need for an active internet connection to reach the external default map server

New in Web Client

  • Performance improvements with video connection speeds, faster load times, video thumbnail searches and UX improvements for reporting when a device is offline

New in Searchlight

  • Searchlight version 4.14 is now available with various improvements

New on the X-Series Hybrid Recorders

  • Updated firmware version 6.3 for the X-Series Hybrid Recorders
  • AI-powered analytics – The X-Series now support object recognition (face detection and person detection) to notify a user when a person or face has been detected in the field of view. Results of these analytics will be sent as alarms and can be color-coded in the Command Client timeline for easier searching. Please see the release notes for performance limitations with this feature when running a public view monitor. Also note version 6.3 is not supported on the 64-channel version of the X-Series

For the full list of new features and improvements, or for additional details on the above, please refer to the release notes.

Download MN.2021.3.0 from the Partner Portal
Command Enterprise Suite 2.14.0
Visual Intelligence Suite Update
X-Series R6 Suite Update 6.3.0

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