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MN.2021.2.0 Software and Firmware Release

We are pleased to announce the general availability of major software release MN.2021.2.0, which includes both software and firmware updates with key new features listed below. For further information on this release, please refer to the Product Release Notes.

New in Command Enterprise Software and Command Client

  • Customizable site details for each recorder – For central monitoring applications, a user can now open a new panel that shows all information associated with the recorder at a particular site. The information is 100% customizable and is uploaded as an HTML file.
  • Audio talk selection within video cell for two-way audio – A user now has the option in Command Client to select a talk button directly with each video cell enabling them to talk from their local workstation and be heard at a remote site
  • Support for the VA Series IP Cameras
  • 4K support with a maximum of four concurrent video channels – Web Client and Command Client support a maximum of four concurrent video channels streaming in 4K. Please note that performance is dependent on your local network and computer
  • Direct access to CES through a recorder camera port – For applications in which local site staff need to access a 6700 Series recorder by first logging into CES, but are not allowed access to a corporate network for security reasons, a user can now directly connect to the camera port of a 6700 recorder and use their LDAP-based credentials to log on to CES and open Command Client

New in Searchlight

  • The Key Performance Indicators (KPI) display cumulative values, showing the total number of visitors on site at the given time

New in Web Client

  • UI updates for quicker navigation in the video timeline
  • Improved NAT Traversal (WebRTC) connection – A request for a network connection (peer-to-peer) is only made to the recorder when the Web Client knows either the recorder or the camera is online
  • Enhanced recorder firmware version detection – If the Web Client detects the firmware version of the recorder is not supported, it will not try to connect to the device and inform the user to update their recorder firmware
  • Quick Access improvements – This feature, which lets users access recent channels or views, is now limited to only 5 recently used items, resulting in performance improvements
  • Improvements to video thumbnails, both in the archive mode, and when requesting thumbnails
  • Support for the creation and deletion of temporary ad hoc views
  • 4K support with a maximum of four concurrent video channels

New in Command Recording Software

  • Support for WebRTC NAT traversal to provide remote provisioning of cameras connected to the recorder
  • VA Series IP Camera support

Please note that MN.2021.2.0 does not contain an updated firmware version for the X-Series Hybrid Recorders. For customers upgrading to the MN.2021.2.0 release, all X-Series Hybrid Recorders need to be at version 6.1.0.

Download MN.2022.2.0 from the Partner Portal
Command Enterprise Suite 2.13.0
Visual Intelligence Suite Update

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