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MN.2021.1.0 Hardware, Software, and Firmware Release

Key features in this software release are outlined below.

What’s new?

New in March Networks Searchlight

Searchlight for Retail

  • Sweethearting detection so that the system is triggered when it detects the presence of a customer in close proximity to the POS and there is no transaction at the same time
  • Dual transaction data handling for all local translators so that the end-user is able to view a well-structured receipt with text overlay easily on any POS system with local integration

Both Searchlight for Retail and Searchlight for Banking also feature Business Analytics improvements, including the ability to choose people counting data granularity, and update the data every 5 minutes. The KPI also now displays the total number of visitors on site at the given time.

New in Command Enterprise

  • Replacement support for recorders when using NAT Traversal

New with 8000/9000 Series Recorders

  • There is now support for USB to ethernet adapter, and USB to ethernet adapter for network failover

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Command Enterprise Suite Update
Visual Intelligence Suite Update
Searchlight for Banking Application Software
Searchlight for Retail Application Software

For more information, read the full release notes.

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