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MN.2020.2.0 Software Release

We are pleased to announce the general availability of MN.2020.2.0.

Key features in this major software release are outlined below. To review the complete feature list, please refer to the Product Release Notes.

What’s new?

New in Command Enterprise Software (CES)

Improved User Management Reports (who has access to sites) – Account lists can be filtered by territory and exported, which helps to instantly check the account user rights for specific territories. The filtering tools for the user audit feature have also been improved for a better user experience.
User Management CES performance improvement – The user database has been improved for overall enhanced user management, especially for those with a high number of user accounts.
Prometheus Dashboard for CES metrics – With this integration, users can now monitor metrics from CES using the software application Prometheus, as well as access a customizable dashboard with graphics statistics using the metrics with Grafana software.

New in Command Client

Exports with user-defined watermarks – Users can add their own text and/or corporate logo to video exports as a watermark to show who the video belongs to and maintain compliance from a legal standpoint.
Sequential switching – Sequences of cameras and views can now be displayed to automatically show each camera or view in the sequence for a configured length of time, then move on to the next camera or view in the sequence.

New for Web Client users

PTZ Control via UI – Users will be able to pan and tilt cameras by a mouse click or touch screen interface through the web client. Further capabilities include camera lens zoom, iris open and close, near and far focus, PTZ control lock, auto tracking, and pre-programmed PTZ positions.
Digital Zoom – Users will be able to digitally zoom into an image and see greater detail without the image getting fuzzy or pixelated.
Alarms and Alerts – Users will have the capability to view events (Alarms and Health Alerts) and will be able to see details of events, like which camera is affected, and be able to filter the criteria and sort the events as well.

For Searchlight users

Operation Audit notice configuration improvements – Easily target relevant cameras with simplified one-click scheduling of operations audits.


New RAID models of the 8000 and 9000 Series recorders

Raid 1 on new 8704 SR and 8716PR models
Raid 6 on 9248R and 9264R models
Raid 6 with hot spare on new 9248R and 9264R models

Download MN.2020.2.0 from the Partner Portal

Command Enterprise Suite 2.11.0
Command Client EXE for 32-bit Windows
Command Client EXE for 64-bit Windows
Visual Intelligence Suite Update

Please contact your March Networks sales representative for more information.

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