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March Networks’ 360° Approach to Cybersecurity

Recent, high-profile attacks against video surveillance systems have underscored the importance of choosing cyber secure video technology.

For 20 years, March Networks has developed highly secure video solutions trusted by some of the world’s largest businesses. Our holistic approach to cybersecurity involves a 360° view of all aspects of our business, encompassing our products, the people who build them, and the processes that guide us.   We continue to take essential measures to make sure all data is protected and secure for our customers and you can learn more about our cybersecurity practices here on our website.

You can also download the below materials to learn more about the specific measures, programs and tools we offer to keep our mutual customers’ systems secure:

Download the PowerPoint Presentation
Download the Brochure

We have also written a blog post outlining what to consider when evaluating a video surveillance solution from a cybersecurity perspective. Click here to read the blog post.

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