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Mandatory Patch for the 9000 Series IP Recorders

A new software patch is now available on our Partner Portal for our 9000 Series IP Recorders

We recommend that all customers using the 9000 Series apply this patch as soon as possible in order to address an issue with the recorder’s onboard battery voltage. Not applying the patch may result in hard drive file corruption or RAID failure during a controlled shutdown of the unit.

After applying the new patch, the recorder will perform a system check to test the battery voltage in the event of a power disruption. If it is less than 12 volts, the system check will gracefully shut down the unit immediately and raise a health alert to replace the battery.

Please read our Technical bulletin for best practices on powering off the 9000 Series IP Recorders. These recommendations are applicable to all 9000 Series models, with and without RAID. A graceful shutdown is imperative to ensure your customer’s RAID array has time to safely stop its processes before a complete hardware shutdown.

Download the Patch
Download the Technical Bulletin
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