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Lenel OnGuard 7.5 Certification

Our most recent Command Enterprise Software integration with Lenel OnGuard version 7.5 is now certified.

This means customers using our 8000 Series Hybrid NVRs, 9000 Series IP Recorders and Command Recording Software can move to Lenel OnGuard 7.5 while taking advantage of this video management/access control solution. Command Enterprise Software 2.5+ and Lenel OnGuard version 7.5 are required. With this integration, customers can:

  • View live and recorded video from our NVRs/Command Recording Software in the Lenel OnGuard client application
  • Set motion alarms and see live video pop-ups and alarm status within the Lenel OnGuard interface
  • Perform PTZ movements from inside the Lenel OnGuard client, including move to preset
  • Monitor the health of March Networks cameras and recorders

This integration requires a license from both Lenel and March Networks. Our license is priced per Command Enterprise Software and covers all managed NVRs / Command Recording Software. For example, if your customer has two Command Enterprise Software servers, they will need to buy two licenses for the Lenel plugin.

Part Number: 37459

For pricing and additional information, please contact your March Networks representative.

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