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EOL Bulletin: Insight FOV Services

Effective February 9, 2022, the current Insight FOV Analysis per NVR service will be considered end-of-life (EOL) and will no longer be available for order.

An alternative service, the new Insight Image Audit Reports (PN 40321), is available instead as an optional add-on to Insight.

Image Audit Report can help to ensure your customers’ cameras are capturing exactly what they need. The NOC team will provide the customer with a single report containing snapshot/thumbnails from each camera to ensure each is properly positioned and capturing high-quality images. Examples of discrepancies highlighted within the report include blurry or out-of-focus images, images directed at walls or floors, images blocked by signage, and images from a failed camera sensor.

Please note that the new Insight Image Audit Report service is based on image audits on a per camera basis. The previous FOV service was based on a per NVR basis and required a 100 camera minimum per customer deployment. There is no minimum camera requirement with the new service.

Additionally, the new service requires users to have Insight, as well as either a CES Base License or CES Cloud Services.

For additional information, download the EOL Bulletin.

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