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End-of-Life Bulletins for Select Cameras

The following cameras will be declared end-of-life (EOL) effective September 22, 2021 and will only be sold as supplies last after this date.

Technical support and repair services for these products will be provided for the duration of the warranty period. In cases where there is no longer inventory to fulfill an order, we will work with our certified partners to recommend a substitute product.

Affected Cameras

Discontinued Product Discontinued Part Number
SE2 Outdoor IR Dome – 7-22mm 36807-101
CA2 IR MicroDome 35480-101
CA2 IR MiniDome Z 35481-101


The VA2 Outdoor IR Dome is available with a 7-22mm lens option and can work as a replacement for the now discontinued SE2 Outdoor IR Dome.

For more information, as well as recommended replacements and part numbers, read the EOL bulletins or contact your March Networks representative.

EOL Bulletins

SE2 Outdoor IR Dome – 7-22mm
CA2 Analog HD Camera Series

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